Download Skype for windows 10 : Free latest Version

Skype is a telecommunications application which is used for connecting with others. The best thing about it is that you can use it free of cost for personal usage. It is used worldwide mainly the people who are overseas and want to talk to their family. The best feature of this application is that you can use it to chat in a way that you feel like the person is sitting in front of you. The realistic feel is due to the face to face video chat feature that Skype provides us with and that is the main reason for the hype and popularity of Skype.

The thing people like about this application is that it is not just video chat but it has a lot more features which make communication, data saving and chatting altogether a simple user experience that even a normal person who is non technical and does not know how to use technology applications which contain a lot of jargon can use this simple application.

A Brief Information About Skype App:

The user interface is awesome and really superb in terms of simplicity and complexity. Not only video messages can be transmitted but users can also transmit text messages along with it and along with it also comes the voice (audio) call feature. All of this between computers, tablets, consoles like Xbox, mobile phones, smartwatches through the network and regular telephones. The messaging feature is an instant messaging service provided Skype to its users.

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Not only that but users can also share text, images, videos, and other digital documents. One of the best pricing strategies is the freemium pricing strategy which is used Skype. It is mainly used for digital offerings where the product or service is provided free of charge but the additional features and concepts require some price to be unlocked and they may either be virtual or physical. A subset of freemium is used the video gaming industry and it is known as free to play.

This model has been successfully implemented in the software industry since 1980. Skype credit subscription is for calling a landline or a private mobile number where they charge a fair amount for calling. There were more than 660 million users worldwide at the ending of 2010 and had 300 million users which were active as recorded in August 2015.

Main Features :

  • Audio calls
  • Video calls
  • Messages
  • Group Chats
  • Sending files
  • Adding/Saving contacts
  • Versatility

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Ho to install Skype on windows 10:

  • Download the setup using the link provided
  • Right click the setup file and click on the properties menu
  • Open the compatibility menu on the top
  • Click run this program in compatibility mode for
  • Click on the windows option from the dropdown
  • Click ok
  • Now Double click the setup file and proceed with the installation
  • Done

Now you have successfully installed this application on your operating system which is windows 10 and now you can use it to communicate with your friends, family, official wherever you are whenever you want.