Facetime vs. Whatsapp – Which Provides Best Video Quality?

If you are on social media and you use it to connect to your friends and family, then you already know the benefits of social media. Be it WhatsApp, Facebook or even Instagram, they are a great means to stay connected to your loved ones no matter how much distance it is between you and them.

Every now and then, new sources or social media platforms are started to serve to every user’s need. In today’s time, there are over hundreds of applications that can help you connect with your people in some way or the other.

Since there are so many options to choose from, the users have to narrow down their options to a few that they would mostly use. And this can be done comparing each of their choices on the basis of the quality of services they provide and many other important categories.

When speaking of connecting to people who live far away, video calls work best. You can use them to look at your loved ones whenever you want. It is almost similar to meeting people in person. Video calls have been an important aspect of connectivity for any social media platform and every developer tries to incorporate it in their application in some way or the other.

Facetime Vs Whatsapp:


Before any of the present-day applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. came up with their video calling option; most people stick with Facetime as their only way to video call.

Facetime is an application that is found only in Apple devices and is used widely all over the world. Apple products such as iPhone, iPad and Macbook support the Facetime application. Many developments have been seen in this particular feature over the years and its popularity speaks of its high-quality service.

Facetime works establishing a connection between the two apple devices. In the earlier versions of this feature, the user had to use a Wi-Fi connection to start the video calls on Apple devices.

However, after some development, people were able to establish a video call connection between two Apple devices through cellular data as well. The best part about Facetime is that it doesn’t use call minutes from your calling package. You are not even required to download an additional app to video call from your Apple devices.

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Facetime Audio:

There were times when people just use Facetime to video call their loved ones, they can now use the application for audio calls as well. This is again a built-in feature from Apple Inc. and doesn’t use call minutes from your package but works using internet.

However, this feature is available only on devices with IOS 7 and more. The quality of calls delivered this feature fairly competes with the various already popular audio calling apps. The calls here are free of cost just like Facetime video calls and can be used anywhere anytime.


One of the best applications ever created to help people stay connected to each other in every possible way, WhatsApp amazed the people around the world during its initial days itself. There is no smartphone in today’s time which doesn’t have Whatsapp installed in them.

In today’s time, we can hardly imagine our lives without this application. Although there were many other sources through which we could text people at distances, the best and the easiest way has always been Whatsapp.

We don’t have to pay for top-ups or message cards and can text however and how much we want to without any restrictions or interruptions.

All we need is a Wi-Fi or cellular data and our we can use whatsapp. So much so, we don’t even need a high-quality internet connection for the app to work, a minimum bandwidth internet connection will also suffice.

When the application was launched, we could only use the texting feature but as the application was modified in the later years, many new features such as voice calls and video calls were introduced which worked better than any of the users expected. To use the audio and video calling feature, however, you may be required to use a decent internet connection but is still less than the quality required most video calling applications.

Facetime Vs WhatsApp: Features

When considering Whatsapp vs. Facetime, there are some features that we could think of such as the data used the apps for video calling, accessibility, multiple uses, user experience, etc.

  • To get started with, Whatsapp is not just good at video calling and audio calling, it also works great with texting and sending attachments such as voice notes, documents, location, etc.
  • You can tell if the person has seen your message and typing status on Whatsapp, unlike Facetime. Not only this, you can even search for messages and important words in any chat you had on your Whatsapp. You have the option to customize your chat window changing its color or adding a picture in the background.
  • With advancements in technology and AI, integrating Text to Video Generators with video calling apps like FaceTime and WhatsApp is becoming a reality. OpenAI’s recent launch of Sora AI Video Generator exemplifies this progress, offering a glimpse into a future where communication is not just heard but also visually experienced, enriching interactions in unprecedented ways.
  • Whatsapp also allows you to see when the user was last active. You can hide your last seen and blue ticks and keep your privacy hidden. You also have an option to send a contact stamp on the chat. Additionally, WhatsApp can be used on both Android and IOS devices.
  • When talking about the quality of audio and video calls, Facetime shows a remarkable difference. So much so, the amount of internet used the Facetime is lesser than Whatsapp.
  • Facetime is also considered a more secure way to connect with people. Though even WhatsApp provides an end to end encryption, you need a SIM card to operate Facetime.

With so much to offer, Whatsapp definitely wins in the contest of facetime vs WhatsApp. Though quality beats quantity, people still and hopefully will consider Whatsapp as a much better communication source than Facetime. Before opting for any of the two, do consider the facetime vs WhatsApp facts mentioned above to spare yourself from the confusion.