Facetime Vs Skype: Which is the Best Video Calling App?

From the past 8-10 years we can declare this age as a smart tech era where people are addicted to smartphone and other technologies which made life easier than ever. Technology makes our life easier in a way and has been a great help in areas such as communication and transportation.

When the topic is about communication, the first thing that comes to our mind is the social network. The various platforms that we use to stay in touch with our family and friends have become an integral part of our lives now. We are able to see and talk to people who live far away without having the need to move from our original places.

One of the best features of advanced technology in communication is undoubtedly video communication over the internet. They have been able to make people feel the presence of their loved ones without much struggle.

People are able to look at their friends and families and communicate in almost every way due to video calls. This technology has been successful in removing the greatest distances between people.

There are various sources that people use to video call other people but the best that has been introduced to people and are still being used are clearly Facetime and Skype.

Since they are the main competitors and the top services of the present-day market people tend to compare them in every possible way to find out which out of the two is the best.

Facetime Vs Skype – Comparison

To help you with the dilemma of facetime vs skype, we have clearly mentioned all the details about skype and facetime, their features, uses and other things that can give you a clear answer and winner between them.


Facetime, an original Apple application, has been one of the first video calling applications on smartphones. Facetime has been an important feature of Apple products and is available in iPhones, Ipads, and other Macintosh products. The application is a built-in feature of the Apple devices and needs decent internet connectivity for it to work properly. It was found that 2020, 47.6% of adults in US uses facetime.

You can use both this app using Wi-Fi as well as cellular data to start the video calling. The important thing to consider while using Facetime is that the feature will work only in between apple devices but recently there were some changes made software team and made it android compatible but through a joining link.

The quality of video calls on Facetime has been good since its initial launch and the company has not stopped developing the app with new features and improvements.

One of the main factors that attracted so many people towards Apple back then and even now is Facetime. The best part about using Facetime is that you are able to connect anyone within a matter of seconds.

If you have a proper internet connection, your can use Facetime app on your device. Also apple has even launched Facetime audio which caters to only audio calls. This has been added to the interface so that people stay connected to each other and do not require a very high quality of internet connection.


Skype is one of the earliest applications for people to use in order to video call, other people. The quality of video calls that Skype delivers is incomparable even today with so many alternative apps in the market. The application has been able to provide such good quality in video calls because it mainly focuses on quality of services and its main priority is video calling. According to stats, skype gain a user base of 2.27 Billion the end of 2024.

It is easily compatible with any kind of devices such as phones, windows laptops, tablets, etc. You also don’t need to have an IOS or an Android device in specific. Any device would work for Skype. This application is one of the oldest and the most used application for people to stay connected with.

Along with video calls, you can even use Skype to send texts and use interesting emoticons to convey your emotions & thoughts. You are able to sync your contacts in the application which reduces the need to add people to your Skype to be able to talk to them.

One of the best parts about Skype is that the interface of the application is quite interesting and the visuals and sounds added to it keep the people engaged most of the time. Skype needs an internet connection to work and should be provided with a good quality internet so that the application can be enjoyed properly.

Facetime vs Skype – Which should be chosen?

  • As far as the statistics go, both the application haven’t won any awards but has a huge user base across the world. However, according to studies people using Skype for video calling stay more satisfied with the quality and the overall user experience than the people using Facetime as their alternative for video calls.
  • When speaking about facetime vs skype, although downloading apps are free there are some versions of some features that have to be unlocked. And they can be unlocked paying a certain amount. When comparing the two amounts, Skype turns out to be costlier than its counterpart.
  • When mentioning about the quality of video calls, as we have mentioned, Skype provides better quality. However, the amount of internet consumption of Skype is much more than Facetime. In fact, Facetime consumes the least amount of data when compared with the major applications that are available for video calling.
  • The number of features that we find on Skype is much more than we find on Facetime. Skype allows us to forward calls, perform group video calls, use caller id and provides a wider range of options while calling others. Facetime, on the other hand, provides us easy setup and can be synced with contacts quickly. The interface of both the apps is interesting and you can use it to contact other people anytime you feel like.

Facetime vs skype is a comparison that most people do when thinking of video calling other people. Considering the facts mentioned above, using Skype could turn out to be a better option. However, depending upon the convenience, choose any of the two options and enjoy high-quality video calls anywhere anytime.

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