Facetime Android | Download & Install Latest Apk

Many of you searched for FaceTime android app on the internet but ended up getting a fake android app file. Sometimes you might get files contains a virus, malware and even they are corrupted.

We have researched through the internet and we have considered every possible way before writing this article. But before we proceed further many of you might not know what is FaceTime. FaceTime is the app developed iOS developers for the iOS platform, it is a brilliant app for audio and video calling along with text messaging.

Due to various similar apps available in the market right now, FaceTime is not much of a trend right now. But FaceTime is looking for a major comeback with the Android platform.

Brief information About FaceTime Android App:

Let me first clear something up for Android users. FaceTime is currently not available for Android devices. Reason for not having FaceTime app in Android devices is because it is primarily developed for Apple devices only. FaceTime app configuration is made for the iOS platform which will not work in Android devices.

FaceTime app is currently available in iTunes and Apple App Store for iOS users and not present in the Google Play Store for the Android users. You may find many websites and articles claiming to give you the FaceTime for Android, but those are fake and corrupted apk and will end up having a virus or malware in the device.

Claiming for FaceTime for Android is a scam, downloading such files can be dangerous for your device. Till the Android developers came up with the FaceTime for Android we would suggest you use these alternative apps for Android.

Let me first clear something up for the Android users. FaceTime is currently not available for Android devices. But don’t worry we are providing the best Facetime alternatives for  Android Users.

How to Download Facetime Android App?

There’s no such way to download the FaceTime app on Android or to start a FaceTime call from your Android device.

However, with the latest updates in FaceTime, even Android users can receive a FaceTime call and join it from their phones or tablets through a joining link sent ios users.

How to Use FaceTime on Android? 

Even though many alternatives are available to chat and video call friends, iPhone users still access FaceTime and iMessage apps to make a call or chat with friends. Unfortunately, Android cannot access FaceTime and is not able to download the app. However, they can still use it via a link shared iPhone users. 

For this, iPhone users can create the link of FaceTime from their device and share it via message to the Android user. By joining the link, Android users can also use FaceTime on their devices.

How to Join Facetime Android Call?

Android users can only join Facetime calls using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. You need to follow these steps: 

  1. Apple users need to open FaceTime on the phone. 
  2. Select the “Create Link” present on the top of the FaceTime app
  3. Share the link via Mail, Message, AirDrop, Snapchat, and other apps. 
  4. Once Android users get the link, they can open it in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.
  5. Enter your name and then “Continue.”
  6. As soon as Apple users accept your request, you will be able to join FaceTime. 
  7. Once both the participants get into the call, they can access the features like hiding their camera, muting calls, and leaving calls. 

How to receive FaceTime calls on Android?

If you’re trying to connect with an Android user via FaceTime from iPhone, you need to share meeting links through messaging apps like a text message or WhatsApp. Here is how to join FaceTime Android calls. 

  1. Check the meeting link shared the host with you. 
  2. Tap on the link and open FaceTime in your existing browser. 
  3. Type your name. 
  4. Tap on “Continue” and “Join.” Wait for some time so that the host can add you. With this, you can have FaceTime with participants. 

Apps Like FaceTime Apk For Android: Best Alternative

We have listed the best possible alternative for the FaceTime app for Android devices. Choose the suitable one or you can use all of them, most likely some of these apps might already be installed in your Android device.

1. WhatsApp Messenger:

WhatsApp is the world’s most famous multi-platform media messaging app available in the market. This app is also having the feature of VOIP calling and video calling. This app is having the most similar features available in the FaceTime. We have also provided the download link of this app for you to try, but most probably you are already having this app installed in your Android device.

WhatsApp Messanger Apk From Below


2. Facebook Messenger:

Another app to mention which is similar to the FaceTime app is Facebook Messenger. This app is also having VOIP and video calling capabilities along with text messaging and chatting. You can also have the ability to make it your default SMS app. Facebook Messenger is having chat heads support which is easier to do multitasking with this app. Download the app from the link provided below.

Facebook Messanger Apk From Below


Features for the upcoming FaceTime app for Android:

FaceTime is not currently available for Android right now, developers are currently working on the FaceTime for Android. FaceTime is having some amazing features that will also be available for the Android devices.

We have listed a few of the key features which will be available for FaceTime for Android.

  1. FaceTime for Android will have the easy navigation for audio and video calling and also for text messaging and chatting
  2. Real-time visual interactions in both end which will give the lifelike experience for Android users.
  3. Support for both camera while using video call, now the FaceTime will support both primary and secondary camera, this feature is already available in most of the apps.
  4. Free VOIP calling for FaceTime Android users.
  5. PiP support for the device users to adjust themselves to the camera while using the video calling feature. PiP image will give us the glance of how other people are seeing us on his end.
  6. Mute option for the audio while using video calling is online, mute in case the audio quality is not good due to a network issue.


Can you FaceTime between iPhone and Android? 

If you are using a Google Chrome or Microsoft edge and the latest version such as iPadOS, iOS 15, and MacOS 12 Monterey, you’ll be able to enjoy FaceTime between iPhone and Android. 

Can you FaceTime on Android Google Chrome? 

Yes, you can enjoy FaceTime on Android Google Chrome only if you have the latest browser and app versions such as iPadOS, iOS 15, and MacOS 12. 

Are any Android Apps compatible with FaceTime? 

No, there is no app compatible with FaceTime. However, if you want to receive a FaceTime call on Android, be sure that you have the latest version of Google Chrome or use Microsoft edge. In addition to this, the iPhone users must be using the latest version of iPadOS, iOS 15, and MacOS 12. 

Can you FaceTime on Samsung?

No, there is no such Android app available on Samsung to enjoy FaceTime calls. But if iPhone users support iOS 15, you will be able to join FaceTime on Android phones. Alternatively, you can use Zoom meetings.


We have researched through the internet and listed the best possible alternatives to the FaceTime app. Till we don’t get any official FaceTime for Android app developed for Android we can use the alternatives. We have also listed the features which will be coming to the FaceTime app.

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